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Thank You for visiting our crowd funding page for our Laser Fired Water Spark Plug Kit. It’s all about the frequency, and splitting water for fuel is the same way. Our water spark plug kit is much like adding a high end, after market stereo system to your car. But, instead of a few thousand dollars spent on frequencies sent to speakers, we send amplified resonant frequencies to spark plugs primed with water that turns into fog in the first chamber. When this fine water mist is hit with electrical resonance, one can disassociate water molecules into a gaseous state of HHO. That is two hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom per water molecule. Hydrogen is liberated from the HHO and bonded to ionized Nitrogen from the air. NH3 fuel from water and air on demand to equal that of a gasoline ignition before being dispersed before laser ignition. New laser technology has proven to be more efficient than traditional plasma arc ignition, we want to make a laser fired spark plug, otherwise known as a Water Spark Plug.

I’m not attempting to make this prototype in my garage, this is nano technology that requires proper funding for labs in Silicone Valley. Your donation to this project at this time will most likely be used for producing a documentary film about the History of water fueled cars and how water spark plug kits work, followed by a call to action. Ignite, Spark the Revolution is a working title for this film. Your financial contribution at this time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

Daniel Green

Water Fuel Injector

Daniel Green has an amazing idea to use Hydrogen from water as fuel and is seeking investors or crowd funders for this ground breaking project.
July 7, 2014- Fuel is one of the biggest demands of modern human life. Our major dependence of fuel is fulfilled by non-renewable resources which are a major pollutant of our environment. Fossil fuels are the major source of energy across the world but the amount of environment damage caused by their use raises a question as to whether we should move on to existing solutions or not?

Renewable sources of energy have always been intriguing for scientists and environmentalists who believe it can change the way we impact our environment. Among the resources that could fuel vehicles and replace fossil fuels is water. Water is being considered as a solution to the issue and people have done a lot of research on the subject matter. There have been cars developed, the technology perfected, but large scale use or general acceptance still eludes the masses. Daniel Green is a advocate for the use of water as a source of Hydrogen fuel and believes that people deserve to make the most of the development in technology and revert to greener and cleaner ways. Daniel Green has a completely new plan for the project and has proposed the water spark plug conversion kit which can provide the perfect solution for running vehicles and electrical generators on Hydrogen based fuel made from water on demand.

Daniel Green is among the most prolific researchers and scientists in this field and this idea is based on a thorough study on the subject matter. We are running out of fresh water because of how we currently use water for power generation and oil refining. By using Hydrogen and Oxygen within water as fuel we actually save our water supply. Within the spark plugs chambers water is first heated then turned into fog before being hit with pulsed electrical resonance. 2000- 40000 volts Dc current depending on throttle demand. This type of electrolysis is then combined with a gas processing circuit that extracts Nitrogen from ionized air intake. That gas is combined with the HHO fuel mixture made from water and processed in the 3rd chamber for electron extraction before ignition by timed laser. For the project to proceed further, Daniel requires investors or crowd funders to support the project and help in this ground breaking research. The idea is quite extraordinary and can be the lead the world has been waiting for. Investors and interested people have the chance to become a part of this project and get their names in the history books for this impressive work. 

Daniel’s book review and link for more information-
“How Water Can Be Used as Fuel is a very interesting read. Author Daniel Green comes across as genuine and very passionate about the subject matter. Without a doubt, some readers are going to be skeptical, which is why Daniel focuses the majority of this short book into explaining the technology of the water spark plug: how it works along with diagrams and schematics of the inner working of the device. If you believe in green energy and reducing society’s dependence of gasoline, you should take the time to inform yourself about this Earth friendly fuel option.” Mike Gagnon – Author and Illustrator –
How water Can Be Used as Fuel

Laser sparks revolution in internal combustion engines

The key to our freedom from fossil fuels is held within water. Two abundant fuels Hydrogen and Oxygen, both needed to fuel a internal combustion engine. Gasoline is a hydrocarbon and a by product from oil refining, we are essentially already using Hydrogen and Oxygen as fuel and emitting Carbon as exhaust. Electrolysis of water for the Hydrogen and Oxygen gas is available on demand in the form of many available products today. One device that is not on the market but defiantly exist is the water spark plug. This product is basically a electrolysis device that excites water to a almost boiling point of tiny fog like droplets then bombards the water molecules with pulsed resonant frequency to separate the water molecules into their gaseous state, Hydrogen and Oxygen. This ionized HHO mixture is recombined with ionized exhaust gasses and stripped of its electrons leaving a clean flammable positively charged fuel that equals that of a gasoline ignition. The technology was designed to fit into a spark plug and be assisted by a high performance ignition system. We see a opportunity based on research by the DOE to use lasers instead of the traditional high voltage plasma arc to ignite the ionized HHO mixture. Investment capital is sought right now to develop working prototypes and we have a nano tech laboratory in Canada capable and eager to start this project. If you are interested in seeing a world ran free from fossil fuels, please help us out by donating what you can and sharing this in house crowd funding link..



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Arc-liberated chemical energy exceeds electrical input energy


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