Water Spark Plugs for Newbies


installed water spark plug The key to our freedom from fossil fuels is held within water. Two abundant fuels Hydrogen and Oxygen, both needed to fuel a internal combustion engine. See Gasoline is a hydrocarbon and… a by product from oil refining, we are essentially already using Hydrogen and Oxygen as fuel and emitting Carbon as exhaust. Electrolysis of water for the Hydrogen and Oxygen gas is available on demand in the form of many available products today. One device that is not on the market but defiantly exist is the water spark plug. This product is basically a electrolysis device that excites water to a almost boiling point of tiny fog like droplets then bombards the water molecules with pulsed resonant frequency to separate the water molecules into their gaseous state, Hydrogen and Oxygen. This ionized HHO mixture is recombined with ionized exhaust gasses and stripped of its electrons leaving a clean flammable positively charged fuel that equals that of a gasoline ignition. The technology was designed to fit into a spark plug and be assisted by a high performance ignition system. We see a opportunity based on research by the DOE to use lasers instead of the traditional high voltage plasma arc to ignite the ionized HHO mixture. Investment capital is sought right now to develop working prototypes and we have a research and development facility in Canada capable and eager to start this project. If you are interested in partnering with Mr Green Energy LLC please contact Daniel Green for a business plan.

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When people hear the news that water or rather the two flammable fuels that make up water can power a car, they often ponder if we have enough water to fuel our society. This is a fair question to ask, however, the planet in covered in water and we already use millions of gallons of fresh water to cool coal fired and nuclear power plants. Each facility consumes over a million of gallons of water each daily, not to mention how much water is used in refining oil or Tar Sand projects. If we used the atomic energy within water we would actually decrease water consumption for power generation by 99%. The fueling station of the NOW is a atmospheric water generator capable of 8 gallons per day from the thin air, this access to pure water can power your home, car and more importantly your families health and vitality.

Daniel Green
President of the Hawaii Chapter
Free Energy Party
CEO MrGreenEnergy LLC