Water Spark Plugs enable gasoline engines to use water as fuel.



Gasoline is a hydrocarbon, meaning we already use Hydrogen as fuel and expel carbon as exhaust. We at Mr Green Energy LLC contend that it is much more efficient to use Hydrogen held within water instead of oil. Hydrogen Gas Injector Fuel Cells or water spark plugs were granted patents twice already and laser ignition spark plugs are being developed right now by several Fortune 500 companies. We see an opportunity to combine existing technology with new emerging laser ignition systems.

“Lasers can be focused and split into multiple beams to give multiple ignition points, which means it can give a far better chance of ignition,” said Dr. Tom Shenton, leader of the project. “This can really improve the performance of the engine when it is cold, as this is the time when around 80 per cent of the exhaust emissions are produced and the engine is at is least efficient. The laser also produces more stable combustion so you need to put less fuel into the cylinder.” http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Ford-Laser-Ignition-System-Engine,news-4248.html

By exciting water to a almost boiling point of tiny fog like droplets we bombard the water molecules with pulsed resonant frequency to separate the water molecules into their gaseous state Hydrogen and Oxygen. This HHO mixture is combined with ionized air intake for a clean flammable fuel that equals that of a gasoline ignition. Investment capital is sought right now to develop working prototypes and we have a research and development facility in Canada capable and eager to start this project. If you are interested in partnering with Mr Green Energy LLC please contact Daniel Green for a business plan at mrgreenenergy@yahoo.com